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NOW LEASED: 2 bed, 2 bath and 2 car parking.


Ok, so downtown is full of smaller units because density is so important and real estate is pretty expensive. It’s like a chicken coup.

Take a trip just 15 minutes out of the core and Voila! Perhaps a little more room to roam (outside and at home) is just what you need.

West end Toronto offers just that, and it’s one of the reasons the area is so popular. It’s a place for people who love the outdoors, trails, waterfront events and wide-open spaces.

A sense of community, no strict city dweller ‘blinders’ needed here. No downtown sirens and screeching streetcars keeping you up at night. Peace and quiet yet still in a blink of an eye you can be downtown. You get way more for your hard-earned money as well.

This unit is ideal for those that don’t NEED the lights and sounds of the city to feel alive. They are the kind of people who transcend that ‘belief’, they are the “in” crowd where ever they live. The kind of people who make things happen, regardless. LOL Self assured, vibrant and smart with their money.

155 Legion is in the west Toronto Humber neighbourhood. Shops, cinemas, quick access to the airport/transit and highways to make adventures happen on weekdays or weekends.

A restful place to call home and unplug for a while. Having Concierge style amenities, a convenient location and a like-minded community are chart toppers for those that choose to live here.

Grab a roomie or start designing a home office for work-at-home-today days. Maybe you’re even contemplating it’s time to take the next step in your relationship and make that a priority for the coming year.

Life waits for no one, neither do great listings.

155 Legion Rd N, Toronto, ON $2,500/month + hydro.

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