Meet the Team

We’re an authentic bunch, and you should know that a commitment to service is at the core of our business.

We work as a team, always, to deliver results for clients – the ones they want, and the ones they deserve.

This isn’t Wall Street, and we don’t do the backstabbing nonsense that turns colleagues into enemies and clients into cattle.

We all work for and with one another on behalf of the client.  

Agents: We break the pattern with what you might have come to expect with traditional real estate offices/agents. 

We are expanding and have room for 2-3 agents this fall.  You will no longer work 70 hours a week.  Our training system will help you prioritize what to do and when.   We love our tight-knit fun environment and really consider heavily who comes on board.   If you are driven and consistent, understand that solo growth is SLOW growth then reach out.  It’s not easy to get on our team, you have to have experience, drive, be coachable and be held accountable.   We have systems in place to free up your time so you can look after your clients WELL and have a life.  

 Professional, work hard/play hard types only.      

For Clients:  What you see is what you get: direct, honest and we tell you the stuff you may not want to hear but need to hear.  To not tell you, doesn’t help you and wastes your time. We take pride in really looking after our clients well. We go beyond traditional professional education and come from professional backgrounds.    Our approach is built on understanding the market, knowing the homes, and striving to work with your lifestyle and goals in mind. Positive minded, driven, growth-minded, pragmatic and real. 

Want to meet the people who’ll change your perspective on real estate?    Go on and meet the members of the Nursall Group….

Tracy Nursall


An Interior Design Degree from Ryerson, experience as VP of Partner Marketing and Sales for a software company in Chicago and more. Tracy brings 25+ years of experience in Real Estate to every transaction. Coupled with her corporate and creative professional experience she knows how to pinpoint and get you what you want. She is not just a “weekend stager” ..but has real design and construction experience in commercial and residential projects. Her Stats and business savvy drive the team forward. A direct, but very helpful guiding approach… are her and the team’s hallmarks. Compare us to anyone.  To do so means you need to give us a call.  Off: 905-844-5322

Areas of focus: West Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville

Language Spoken: English