Tracy has worked tirelessly in the recent sale of our revenue property as well as providing ongoing real estate advice. She is the consummate professional who applies her market knowledge and industry experience for the benefit of her clients. Her negotiating skills were instrumental in finalizing our sale even while we were 6 time zones away!

Neil R

Tracy helped us a few times. We love her approach and knowledge. She will go extra mile for you. One time she made the city come out to our property and evaluate some damages trees after a major storm. Not sure how she did it as they were not going to do anything when I called. Great to have her in your corner. 

Ermin M

You can keep looking around or you can just stop with Tracy! She is awesome! We have not only asked Tracy to help with our personal home, but also with business homes and rental properties. She’s sharp, she gets stuff done, she knows the context and knows the processes of getting you into a house.

Brett P

Tracy recently helped with the sale of our property, from start to close Tracy was there every step to make sure we went into this transaction with all the information we needed to make sound decisions. Her research of the market prior to listing was extremely thorough and rationalized, leading to a well-supported listing. The pre=listing “instruction manual” was invaluable in preparing us and the property for sale. The listing materials and styling were a major factor in achieving an efficient showing time frame, leading to the type of offers she had targeted. End to end; this was something we couldn’t have done without a well prepared and experienced realtor. Nothing surprises Tracy, she’s seen it before and will be there with you to work through all stages of a purchase or sale (used her services for both now!). Also helps that she’s really fun to talk with, which reduces a lot of the stress of any real estate transaction. Bottom line, this is the realtor that has your back.

Jared B

Tracy is passionate about her work and it shows in the details- the commitment she makes to getting to know you, her ability to use this information to customize the experience and her marketing savvy that allows her to attract the right buyers. I recommend Tracy for all the reasons listed above and for one that isn’t listed- trust. When neither time not price can be compromised, Tracy delivers. 

Fiona R

Tracy expertly staged out condos and went out of her way to provide customized special assistance to help my fiancé and I find our forever home. We were very fortunate to have her assistance.

Lisa H

Tracy is knowledgeable and works hard for her clients. She is responsive and there when you need her. She has helped us find 3 rental homes and did a great job negotiating our lease agreements. I can’t recommend Tracy Nursall enough!

Krista W

Tracy is beyond knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to all your needs in the realm of real estate. From commercial to residential to tenant to landlord to buyer or seller. She listens attentively to every client and provides honest and genuine service with kindness, patience, creativity, genuinely and heart. She works WITH the client opposed to FOR the client and comes up with the best possible real estate solution for every unique situation. I highly recommend her services to everyone and anyone who wants to have an amazing real estate experience!


Tracy was able to stage our two condos for very quick sales and helped us find a fantastic home. We could not be happier with how she worked with us. I have and continue to highly recommend her.

Blair P

Tracy is top notch. She knows Real Estate inside our and is the best agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I do not hesitate for 1 second when referring Tracy.. When someone asks me about a Real Estate agent, Tracy’s name is the 1st on my lips!

Kelly C

Working with Tracy was a real eye-opener on how it is to be someone truly dedicated to client service.

Her innate attention to detail and unwavering professionalism made a strong impression on my perception of how someone is to be successful.
If you want a Real Estate Agent who treats your house like it was her own, has a very loving and caring personality, and throws 110% dedication into her trade, I would recommend Tracy in a heartbeat!!

Derek F

Market Research Professional

I have worked with Tracy for a number of years and she does brilliant job with all of her clients. She is constantly going the extra mile to ensure that everything goes smoothly for her buyer and sellers and she genuinely cares for each and every client she serves. The level of commitment she has to ensuring she knows even the most seemingly basic facts about properties is truly remarkable.

We have had dozens of mutual clients over the years and they all consistently rave about how positive their experience was. Perhaps of greater testament is they confidently use her time and time again and refer their friends. Simply put – Tracy is great at what she does!

Calum R

Canada’s Mortgage Expert

As a professional Home-Stager, I meet constantly new Realtors in my network. I had the honor to meet Tracy Nursall with Re/Max Enterprises in lovely Port Credit.

Tracy is a genuine, fantastic person to know and collaborating with. She has decades of experience and knowledge in Real Estate practices, artistically inclined to design, that’s an outstanding benefit for homeowners when ready to list their homes. Being a “visual artist” myself, I have seen presentation material created by her team, absolutely astonishing from professional photos to the materialization of the overall package’s appearance. Nevertheless, her appreciation to everyone, integrity and reputation are certainly values that go far beyond the average.
Tracy never stops putting her clients best interest at heart. Her commitment to excellence, professionalism with class, family values and work ethics are testimonials for many satisfied homeowners who have been working with her in our community for many years. I proudly won’t hesitate to recommend Tracy to friends, colleagues and homeowners.

Patrick F

Lead Home Stager, Studio Linea Home Staging and Redesign

It was such a blessing to have had Tracy’s assistance with purchasing my first condo in downtown Toronto this year. Tracy was very thorough in her research of locating the condos & neighbourhoods of interest, and worked diligently to ensure that my purchase was at a great value without getting outbid. She always explained in details for every question that I had, and was by my side for each step of the purchasing process (e.g. finding lawyers, closing, moving in, and even finding a painter!). There is much to learn in Toronto’s Real Estate market. It’s great if you have the time and resources to do some independent investigations before deciding on a home. If not you can rely on Tracy’s expertise and judgment. I am recommending Tracy to friends and will certainly work with her again in the future.

Fei Z

Epidemiologist, Health Promotion, Chronic Diseases and Injury Prevention at Public Health Ontario

Jan 2010 Where do I start?! Tracy was THE perfect realtor. She understood the key factors for us, perhaps more than we did. None of the homes she showed us were a waste of our time. As first-time buyers in Canada and relocating from the UK she went beyond her job description in making sure everything went well. Her eye for potential problems in a building is uncanny, likewise her eye for the good in a place. She took us beyond the area we were looking, which turned out to be a master move because we found the perfect place. Tracy then pulled out all the stops, working until 11 at night, to make sure our bid was accepted when other buyers placed a bid at the same time. I hope Tracy gets paid well doing what she does but I get the feeling she’d do it anyway.

NOTE: Sara and James have sent numerous clients our way mostly from Sara’s work. That trend continues again this spring with yet more friends of theirs working with us.

James & Sara M

I first met Tracy in an open house back in 1996 and have gone on to use her services on multiple house purchases and sales. With her high energy, architectural and design experience, Tracy is very thorough in her assessments of houses and the area of town. She checks everything from dampness, structural issues, and overall investment potential. Tracy works for you, she’s in it for the long haul and if you’re not happy, she’s not happy. Tracy is by far the best real estate agent that I have ever used. I highly recommended her services to friends and family.

Note: Shannan has sent numerous clients (and family members) to me and all of them are still with me and a few of them are making the “move up” into their ‘forever’ homes in the coming year.

Shannan L

Tracy worked to sell my commercial property and did an outstanding job, bringing in many offers. Diligent, intelligent, hardworking and honest-exactly what you need in a real estate agent!

Dave L

From day one we saw results from Tracy’s rare combination of objectivity and breadth of knowledge. We were too close to the home that we wanted to purchase to evaluate it with detachment. Tracy got right to the heart of it and gave us a clear sense of its true market value, outlined how this purchase would affect our overall finances and provided us with long-term strategies to ensure we made the best possible decision.

Note: We helped Angela and her husband again, this time to get into their “forever home” last year.

Angela M

We originally met and hired Tracy as a Real Estate Agent in 1997, since then we’ve had Tracy help us on two more occasions. She provides great results, is very personable and really is quite the expert to have on your side! Thank you Tracy!

Dan and Haruko C

I recently worked with Tracy and had an awesome experience. She is extremely knowledgeable and works diligently to find you the perfect home. Being able to quickly get a sense of what you’re looking for and narrowing it down fast, Tracy is a huge time saver. She has an eye for detail and can provide plenty of great ideas to get you on your way. She’s an amazing resource full of energy with a great sense of humour. You’ll be glad she’s working on your side!

Nancy D

I was nervous to be taking such a big step in my life. Tracy walked me through the whole process and was there for me every step of this important journey. I admire her professionalism; she is very knowledgeable in real estate and many other fields. I had another agent before going to Tracy and the difference was like night and day. As far as I am concerned Tracy’s advice is GOLD. She helped me find the perfect home and I am 110% satisfied and the best part is I didn’t have to settle or compromise. Thank you Tracy!

Rob A

Tracy is a total pro! She staged my house to perfection and if it wasn’t for her taste and style my townhome would not have sold as quickly as it did or for as much $ as it did! I had a lot of competition on the market and Tracy helped me set a record for the complex. I know that when I go to sell my new house she is the first person I will be thinking of. Thank you Tracy for all of your help, you are amazing!

Rick A

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