Are there any Energy Efficiency Rebates LEFT in Ontario?

Which rebates in Ontario are left?

You’re not completely late to the party if you missed out on the main Cap and Trade rebates/incentives that were cancelled by the new Ontario government. Many corporations and companies are still offering some.  (I think the car rebate was challenged and may still be running). It was cancelled originally. Check with 

I had to call the Premier’s office for clarification on what was still available and what was not.  They were not a big help as they only deal with the   That is the cancelled program but many service providers and companies are still offering rebates and incentives.  I’ve listed the links to help you find this information more quickly. cancellation

The first section is for The GreenON program that was just cancelled. Work in progress may still qualify, so take the links to the site. There are a variety of dates to address. Finding all these on your own is a bit of a pain I have to admit.

Many of these are dependent on where in the province you live. Most have a search field based on your postal code. I did it for my house and the info it returned was really helpful. I suggest you do it this way as well. 

Necessary Steps: Pre-Audit

To get started you need a pre-audit: Here is the list of approved ‘auditors’ to get the ball rolling.       

Be quick or the rest of the incentives/rebates may run out or the programs might get pulled just like the Cap and Trade was recently.

Here’s a great starting list

There are massive accumulated savings to be had when you add up each item, not to mention the savings on energy bills over time.  Have questions or the rules aren’t clear?

Greater Toronto Area:

  • Canada Energy Audit Ltd.  1-888-298-9458
  • The Home Inspectors Group Inc. 1-866-907-9206
  • Energy Canada Ltd.  1-888-442-9577
  • Enertest Corporation  1-877-327-1504
  • EnviroCentre  1-877-580-2582
  • The Windfall Centre  1-855-640-1100
  • GreenSaver  1-855-300-3106
  • Pro Home & Building Inspections Inc.  416-651-7778


These were available at the time I wrote this post and any of these programs can be cancelled at any time. Check for updates as some were cancelled.   It’s been a hot political topic in the province since the election.   Dig deep as there are still some available if you are starting a project. .

See each site for their terms and conditions to ensure you get through the process smoothly and that you qualify for what you’re hoping to do.   Look for limitations, deadlines and qualifiers.

I’d also set a calendar appointment for early next spring and check all these links again for changes or if anything new was added.  Certainly check before starting any projects..  You never know!

Good Luck.