Scope of a Home Inspection

HOME INSPECTIONS - Scope is misunderstood  Today we tackle Home Inspections as it seems to it’s the most misunderstood part of buying a home. Particularly, scope and expectations.  There seems to be a bit of misunderstanding as to what a home inspection covers and how...

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Website update – new ‘home search’ page

New Website:  Our new "home search" feature rocks. We've been working all summer on some exciting projects to better look after our clients, mostly the Website update and a new Home Search page.  This website was part of that project.  We have it up as a soft launch...

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Are there any Energy Efficiency Rebates LEFT in Ontario?

Which rebates in Ontario are left? You’re not completely late to the party if you missed out on the main Cap and Trade rebates/incentives that were cancelled by the new Ontario government. Many corporations and companies are still offering some.  (I think the car...

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