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Help First time buyers – share on social media please. A big tax cut for first-time home buyers.

We need your help to allow the next generation to KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE. We are trying to SAVE the tax -cut for first-time buyers. You can help too! If you don’t it going to disappear. NOT FAIR in our economic climate, not at all.

That’s what we’re fighting for with the Keep the Dream Alive campaign through the Ontario Real Estate Association. We see first hand how difficult buying a home is for first time buyers. We work with first-time buyers all the time.

You know a lot of them could use a break to get into their first home. Here is how you can help everyone! We’re not going to get that tax cut without your help.


Each home sale involves a number of businesses and injects money into the economy:

Home inspectors, appraisers, banking, mortgage brokers, law clerks, lawyers, people at the title offices…and then when you add in companies that are involved in hardwood, countertops, paint, gardening etc

it’s an important part of the overall economy.

Take two minutes and email your local candidates running in the Ontario election.

We need politicians at Queen’s Park that support people’s dream of homeownership. REALTORS® are fighting for this in an organized way and you

can add your name to help other would be first-time homeowners as well.

Send a message that it’s time MPPs took affordable homeownership seriously!!!!

To send an email, all you need to do is click here, choose the email that best suits you, fill in your details and hit send.

Don’t wait. Please Take action
Please SHARE THIS on all your social media pages.

Sean Morrison, Chair
2018 OREA Government Relations Committee