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Now that the election is over, will the elected, vote for US?

Woke up this morning and felt hopeful. (Minority red federally and provincially we are blue). This means we are one step closer to purple. A mix of red and blue and hopefully some sanity and fruitful collaboration that benefits Canadians. They (Ontario’s political leaders) will have to work harder now to work together to get anything significant accomplished. The ‘be louder’ to win crowd has been pretty loud, and most of the time, operating without fact or using biased emotional reporting to bolster their own leanings. The extreme hearsay has been chart-topping! 

As far as governance and leadership are concerned, will they, the political leaders remain squabbling toddlers or will they mature and demonstrate true leadership individually and begin to collaborate?

As fellow Canadians will they resort to stalling, pushing singular agendas or will they pause, listen and then work towards meeting the needs and devising strategies and plans Canadians can be proud of and CAN AFFORD. We need both sides: fiscal responsibility and a caring outlook! Balanced! In short, will they elect to vote for us? Will they take the time to get to the truth and together gain some valuable traction for US?

Hoping that leadership maturity wins out, for REAL.

Strategies and plans will have to be better vetted and defensible from today forward. Less extreme language and points of view used. Less, “I’m right! You are wrong!”. Maybe even answer questions, respecting the constituents instead of pivoting. Hopefully, this results in more fruitful collaboration by the party leaders, federal representatives and trickles down to the municipal level for the PUBLIC, the Canadians who elected you.

It’s been a while since I felt so positive. Maybe I’m just relieved the barrage of poor behaviour is over? Had to read Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. Townsend’s book on Boundaries just to get my perspective back.

Maybe even reporters will return to being reporters? Maybe it will become professional suicide to write (and allow to be published) such emotionally biased and poorly researched articles that dot our media sites and papers.

Fact-checking will become the norm again (woohoo!) Reporters will rely on facts, will get to the heart of the matter without injecting their own bias. Instead, they will follow the story and report what’s actually happening. Hopefully, they will understand, come to value, strive to be that ethical and true journalist we all crave to check in with. We need fewer opinion pieces. The world is rife with garbage writing and reporting that masquerades as journalism.

Write for a gossip column if your opinion just ‘must be shared with the public”… but please don’t refer to yourself as a journalist or news station. Oh, and we have more influencers than we need. They are a dime a dozen and can be bought with a free bottle of shampoo for Pete’s sake? (product placement)

So, are the political parties going to continue with derogatory remarks, personal attacks or will they work for OUR good in a more mature and responsible way? Will the party members call out their own leaders for not leading in a responsible & respectful manner? Will the party leaders welcome and install a way for this to happen. Will real change begin.

Hopefully, it changes. With that change, the embarrassing narrative that we, as a society has endured and adopted from our leadership was clearly harmful. Dare I say somewhat oppressive in nature. It’s plain to see, THAT behaviour is WEAK LEADERSHIP. If you have to win by slamming or attacking others, being disrespectful, then your strategy and platform are WEAK and your ability to communicate effectively is worse than weak. Food for thought my fellow Canadians, @AndrewSheer @JustinTrudeau, et al.

We shall see. I am hopeful that we have turned a corner and can now return to being proudly Canadian. Our world renown, unique, and (previously) well regarded international reputation was one of calm, respect, friendliness and courtesy. Gasp! We were known as THE PeaceKeepers! We were the objective ones! Now we are a shadow, a remnant of what we once were. We have become LESS than we are capable of. Why

Is it too late? Can the damage be repaired? It can, if we all take a moment to collectively make a change for the better, one day, one discussion at a time. We are turning to leadership to steer us out of this and FAST! To put it behind us, like a bad smell.

We can do better! I’m hopeful.