Your kind of Buyer’s Guide for West GTA.

Now’s your chance to make a move and upgrade your lifestyle! Starting with our West GTA Buyer’s Guide is the right 1st step. We get it, we know calling a REALTOR® can be uggh…ominous. You want answers and they have loads of questions. Or worse, they put you on their mailing list without asking.

We take a different approach, a friendly one, because our #1 number one priority is you. We don’t have to add you to a mailing list, we have a Real Conversation about what you’re hoping to achieve and get to the heart of helping you. You are free to sign up to our monthly design/real estate magazine any time you want.

We don’t push in on you.

We also Simplify and Explain the Real Estate Process in plain English. It’s surprising how most people don’t REALLY know the process or the choices they have.

So with us, No Sales job, No BS, No endless talking about ourselves. You get to pick our brain for FREE.

We have four simple steps to provide you with the guidance you need. We learn about YOU, your situation, so we can work toward your goals.

Everything in between – it’s all for you.

We get to know you and your lifestyle, causally and comfortably in a professional manner, so that we can find the perfect match for you.

Here’s how we do it:

Meet with Us – this is actually important and we promise not to talk about ourselves.

Authorize Us – Once you know the process, and you feel comfortable…we can begin.

Secure the Sale – from signing (contracts) to signing the deal, we have your best interest above our own.

Celebrate – We love a good story and actually guarantee a happy ending.

Have You Heard?

Afraid to tell your agent what you really want? Will they take advantage of that somehow? Well, we doubt you want to invest in the wrong property, area, or feel pressured. We’ll focus on who you are, where you want to be, and finding a place that feels like home. Some of these places will have you saying, “How about that? They not only listened, they delivered!”

We Guide You Through the Market

We know the homes in our area. Our signature inventory tour is modelled on showings you need to see to begin your search. You’ll see between 6 to 8 homes – two under your price range, two within, and two above. We’ll show you different floor plans and different locations as long as they’re up to snuff. We do our research on buying a home based on your preferences, so you get a better idea of what your budget provides. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised! We help you benchmark, via the eyes of a Pro (Team lead has been a builder, designer and she is a broker) . We provide an experience that will set us apart.

You Get in – On the Ground Floor

Downtown Toronto no longer has the license on cool – that’s just the way it is. Remote working, Co-working and employers flexibility allow you far more choices than before. The West GTA is where all the early-adopters have already headed, and you could join them. Just think: you could ditch your teeny tiny, cash-strapped downtown purchase price and lifestyle and start by buying a home that lets you live a little. By making a move to one of these EXCITING communities, you will upgrade your lifestyle without downsizing your expectations, while getting a home you can comfortably afford. Plus, they are about the same travel time as High Park to downtown.

Typically you’ll save approx $1,900 per month and be living larger. How many vacations is that?

You Gain the Expertise

Our job is to help you see what we see when we look at a home. When we visit a home, we see everything that’s right – and everything that isn’t. We’ll teach you how to see a home beyond a randomly downloaded checklist, so that you can discover value and minimize risk. You’ll also get access to our “Around the House” book, which is a seasonally-vetted collection of the best companies and service providers. You get help without the hassles – without the buyer’s remorse. No more Homestars, no more guessing. Great help comes with the territory.

“I was nervous to be taking such a big step in my life. Tracy walked me through the whole process and was there for me every step of this important journey…As far as I am concerned Tracy’s advice is GOLD. She helped me find the perfect home and I am 110% satisfied and the best part is I didn’t have to settle or compromise.”

Rob A.

It’s an easy decision – ready to make it?

With our guidance, finding a home that upgrades your lifestyle is easy, all while giving your bank account some room to grow.

Make the right decision the first time – work with the team that matches you with neighbourhoods where you’ll thrive. The biggest surprise is that it’s full of people just like you who ditched the downtown core for a better financial future.