Seller’s Guide


Your Selling Experience – a Sellers guide

Selling a house starts with us and this is your Sellers’ Guide

We haven’t just been around the block once or twice, we’ve been around all the blocks, in all the villages, across the West GTA – and it doesn’t hurt that we’ve lived in most of them, too! We’ve gotten to know the area like no one else because it benefits you.

We’ve got about 99.99% more experience than the rest of the agents in the market. What does that mean? It means you get a comprehensive experience that gets results.

How do we do it? The steps to selling a house are simpler than you think. Here’s our hassle-free 4-step plan to selling…

  • Meet with Us
  • Authorize
  • Secure the Sale
  • Celebrate

Our First Meeting

Our first meeting will be at your home but we can do it on Skype or Facetime if you like. There’s no cleaning up beforehand, because we need to know how you live. As designers, we see things other agents often miss, and we want to see how you live, so we can see what will work best for you. Once we get to know your space, we’ll be better able to tell you what the market will bear and how to “up” your perceived value with real estate advice from designers and REALTOR®s.

Inspecting Your Home

We work with one of the toughest home inspectors we could find. We do this because if they’re tough, it’s going to ensure that your home is prepared for any buyer. It’s important that we know every detail about your home’s “bones,” and that we address any issues possible. We reduce buyer negotiating points before your home is even on the market.

Style That Sells

We help people dream, so let’s help them dream about your house becoming their new home. As designers, and not amateur stagers who took a one-weekend course, we focus on styling – and NOT staging. Everything that we do is strategic and makes sense when it comes to selling a house. We help people dream, and you get a better return.

Our homes are styled to sell, and we do it with a refined approach. We create an experience that is familiar for a buyer. It’s not simply decorating, it’s about relating to your ideal buyer to get the highest sale price. Unparalleled Market Knowledge We’ve made our name in the West GTA, and we’re committed to knowing the homes, the recent sales, and the way the market is moving. When you sell your home with us, you get access to all that expertise – without the empty promises and sales jargon! Selling your home definitely comes down to price, but the

comfort that comes from working with real area experts? That’s priceless and comforting. You can bank on it.

Listing & Pre-Marketing

Once we ensure that your place looks just right, it’s time for the “Coming Soon” campaigns and the pre-marketing to get your house noticed by the right people. We take the listing exclusively and do so much pre-marketing, there are times where we don’t even have to bring it to MLS – because it sells beforehand.

“Tracy is a total pro! She styled my house to perfection and if it wasn’t for her taste and advice my townhome would not have sold as quickly as it did or for as much $$$ as it did! I had a lot of competition on the market and Tracy helped me set a record for the complex. I know that when I go to sell my new house she is the first person I will be thinking of.”

– Rick A.

You get more from your experience, without spending a penny more. We can help sell your home, while giving you knowledge that lasts a lifetime – after all, shouldn’t working with an expert pay off? We’ll help make selling a house make sense, while simplifying the overwhelming, the stress, and the to-do list at the same time.

Our Store front @ 361 Kerr St.

Stop in and say Hi! 

 Kerr Village is the hip place to be, and it just so happens to be our home, too.

Our office is located here, right in the middle of the fun. We can tell you firsthand that this neighbourhood is
changing almost every day. This is a real community, with real growth, and is already a great place to call home. Looking for walkability and convenience? We’d give this place 10/10!

Want to make Kerr Village real estate yours? Reach out to us now, and we’ll give you a personal tour and all the dirt. It’s all good!  A place where you'll know the shop/cafe owners by name and where people smile and say hello when you pass them on the sidewalk.  


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