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Website Update – new home search page

New Website:  Our new “home search” feature rocks.

We’ve been working all summer on some exciting projects to better look after our clients, mostly the Website update and a new Home Search page.  This website was part of that project.  We have it up as a soft launch this week to work out some wiggles, connections etc and everything should be fully operational by next week.  Hang with us as we find little glitches and get things squared away.  Feel free to email if you find something before we get it fixed this week (Sept 21-28, 2018)   Thanks!

Check out the home search page.  It’s quite comprehensive.

New ‘Search Page’ for listings

You can now Search homes for sale more easily and with better, more up-to-date data.  “Great data means the ability to make better decisions”   That philosophy has been driving us to keep ahead of the curve.  We will be changing the front page and highlighting the work of an Interior Designer who is featured in THE NEST each month (our new magazine). Our New WordPress website has a new search feature that shows CURRENT listings from a variety of boards. It’s updated so frequently which means it is simply the best available search tool we can bring you.   You need to set up an account to use it. (laws, we follow the laws)

Sold Data Publishing

We’ll be adding sold data as soon as it’s legal to do so.   The court ruling has happened but real estate boards are still figuring out how to release this data and get things ready.  We are happy about sold prices now being more easily available.  The point many people don’t realize is that they always were available at the title office.   They are public information.   It was just harder to access through the land registry system. Will realtors disappear?  No, not at all.    The sold prices have been available in the USA for years and people still need help navigating an increasingly more complex transaction now than ever.  I believe people will actually realize the REAL value of a professional realtor.   Realtors use their expertise to shepherd you through the transaction smoothly.   We post as soon as we get the board approval to do so.  Stay tuned!

Neighbourhoods Section:

Also, the Neighbourhoods section on the main page will soon feature a short video and key elements of our key west end neighbourhoods.  All those areas centered around a central business district or are Village-like in character.  It’ll save you a lot of driving around when exploring neighbourhoods and houses.   A single or couple of listings doesn’t really give you the flavour of what it would be like to live there.  We hope you like the new videos and sections that are coming soon.  Dale (our videographer) and I have been working on videos for these areas for a while. They are more lifestyle in approach but you’ll get a better idea of the neighbourhood flavour than say Google Maps. Stay tuned! 

Our Blog

We’ve also been writing some “How to”  blogs (150 of them over the summer) and will add audio files so you can listen instead of having to read them.  The blog search tool is live so you can search by topic or keyword. Stay tuned!


In addition, our twice-monthly videos resume next week.   We had a consistent market for the summer, but now it’s back to the numbers and what going on at street level now that Fall Market is heating up.  Shooting our bi-weekly videos begins again next week (1st week of Fall).   We have a few guests that will be on the video series as well. Stay tuned!

Our New Magazine has launched!

We have launched our Design and Real Estate Magazine,  The Nest’s first issue is about to go out (are first issues always late to go out?)   The Nest features key interviews of GTA’s top designers and design events.  It’s all things home and design,  plus new trends,  new products and some helpful and fun how to’s.  We also report from all the design shows so you’ll know what coming, what’s hot and no-so-hot anymore.    We will also be adding a section on Entertaining.    You can request the digital copy of our magazine on our homepage.  It’s once a month, has worthwhile articles and interviews.   Some controversial interviews coming that’ll have you thinking.  (No politics we PROMISE!)   Each magazine has video content right in it!   Sometimes it’s easier to watch a short video than read a bunch of type/text. You’ll have your choice. Stay tuned!

Designer Talk Series and more events coming!

We will be putting out some event invitations for our Designer Intimate Talk Series that will be coming up.   We also have fun things planned for Fall and it’s time for another Client Appreciation Party.  Let us know if you are contemplating:  a renovation, a room update, large ticket furniture purchases or a custom build. We will bring in the guest speakers based on what you are about to embark on.  The purpose of these smaller intimate talks is to help you with the scope and planning and be informed before you start.  Not to mention get some kool ideas and talk to a specialist without a sales pitch. First one is scheduled for October.  Evelyn Eschun will be our first Designer Intimate Talk Series speaker and you can read her interview in this premier edition of THE NEST.  Stay tuned!