Why You’ll Love it Here

People choose their communities, then their homes.

Where you live ends up saying a lot about who you are and that’s why we believe you’ll love it here. The trend-spotters, the quiet types, those who love being in nature – where do you belong? Do you even know you have options? And the options on price are just as varied.   Are you on the bleeding edge or do you need something safe, cozy, and established?

Downtown no longer has the license on cool, no matter what your cash-strapped pals tell you – upgrade your lifestyle, while being kind to your cash flow. Let us guide you through a stress-free move.    Fitting in from the start is important and you’ve likely thought: What will it be like every day when i get there? If you give us the opportunity to learn more about you, we’ll be able to tell you where you’d likely feel at home. So, contributing to your new community feels like a labour of love, and not like a chore. Or, even worse, has you feeling like a fish out of water.  

“Being able to get a sense of what you’re looking for narrowing it down so fast,

Tracy is a huge time saver. She has an eye for detail and can provide plenty of

great ideas to get you on your way…you’ll be glad she’s working on your side”

– Nancy D.

Explore the Area, Discover the West GTA

No, your friends won’t start disappearing and ignoring your calls when you move. In fact, you’re more likely to see them at the concerts, the street festivals, the hip cocktail bars, or the hopping community events over here. The West GTA has already arrived, now’s your opportunity to discover and live it for yourself.   Toronto is catching up to Vancouver, New York and other big cities like Chicago with the Hipsters gone suburban.  Growing and contributing to their chosen neighbourhoods, complete with coffee shops, cool co-working spaces, cafes, and walkable business district centered neighbourhoods.  Just like in the city but with a lot less noise, congestion and crime.  Here you’ll find pubs, concerts and great dining experiences.   Did you know that west of the city is the live music hotspot in the GTA? 

Shopping, dining, neighbourhood hotspots, a village lifestyle, and more – which slice of the West GTA life best suits you? Take a tour, and we’ll even let you pick three right now!

Find Your Future Home

Bronte Village

Bronte Creek

Clarkson Village

Kerr Village


Long Branch Village

Port Credit Village

Streetsville Village

Square One

Blaze your own trail, and find somewhere that works for you – we’ll help you find where you belong.